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Unlock Event Marketing Savings and Benefits


Event Managers and Exhibit House Professionals have been calling on Ardent Impressions for over 20 years to raise traffic and attendee appreciation. Over half our business is conducted through industry partners so we have well established trust. Take advantage of these saving and benefits by joining our Gold Key Partner program.


Program Benefits


Exclusive 10% Off Any Services

Upon approval as a partner program member you will get a 10% discount on any of our services. If you wish us to bill the end-client directly, this can be credited to your account for future use or returned to you as a rebate.


Fast, Priority Access to our Creative Staff

Our creative staff are renowned for their repeat ability to deliver successful promotions and they will be at your disposal. Let us mockup ideas that will help you close the deal.


Partner Exclusivity

This partnership enables us to create promotions specific to your needs. We will not share promotional concepts you bring to us for development and implementation, and for ideas that we bring to you, we will ensure that none of our other clients have similar promotions at the same show. We honor our partner’s client relationships as “Your Relationships” and will only work directly with end-clients as you desire. You can rest assured.


Our Experience Becomes Your Experience

Ardent Impressions Inc has been helping a wide range of clients build traffic, loyalty and their brand for over 30 years. As our Gold Key partner you can take advantage of that experience to bring the perfect promotion to your client’s events. Ardent is respected throughout the tradeshow industry by event managers and exhibit house executives, and is recognized for our active involvement and ability to stay on top of industry trends. We are proven, professional and experienced so we'll make you and your client look good!


Custom Promotions

We will work with you on exclusive custom promotions tuned to your end-client’s brand, theme, news and goals. Whether a one of a kind personalized giveaway, media draw or fun activity, we will work with you to ensure its success before, during and after the show:
- pre-show email and direct mail, web advertising to drive attendees to the show
- event level signage, advertising and gatherers to attract traffic to their booth
- compelling promotions seamlessly integrated into the booth and its operations
- effective lead capture and qualification
- post show followup emails, Facebook posting, web photo hosting, etc.


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