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"The promotion of the magazine cover was a huge success and everyone is still talking about it. Never in the history of exhibiting has our booth been so busy!!!"
— Barbara Mock, Novo Nordisk

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"The photo postcards were hugely successful and generated constant booth traffic. Our client was thrilled with the results." — Jane Ringe, Photosound Communications

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"If you need to drive traffic at upcoming shows, I would use personalized pen engraving with Ardent Impressions. I have had tremendous results."
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There are many benefits to our event services, including:



Extending your team

Our experienced and talented staff can coordinate and plan your tradeshows and corporate events, remotely or from your office. We act as an extension of your events department, managing around 100 client events a year in many states and multiple countries and provide professional onsite staff for most of them.



Attract and Build Traffic

Whether at a tradeshow or shopping mall, a line soon forms for our fun interactive media attractions or for giveaways that have been personalized with Ardent on-site services. We are a proven booth draw at tradeshows and conferences for many industries, and have been particularly embraced by medical and technology firms. We have done many popular promotions under the new PhRMA and AdvaMed guidelines for our medical clientele. Your booth will really stand out with Ardent staff putting your customers' names and/or faces on your gifts, which make them far more popular than all the other generic 'swag and tchotchkes' available from other booths. Photo promotions can also be set up to drive traffic to your website to get the pictures, and our retail event services bring many families to shopping malls, especially at Christmas and Easter. Our personalization equipment can be set up to be compact and discreet or part of the attraction; everyone loves fun 'green screen' photo backgrounds and geeks and kids are enthralled by our lasers and robotic engravers. Customers rave that we are the best traffic builder.


Thank and Build Loyalty

Since personalized giveaways are perceived as many times more valuable, they are really appreciated by key customers and employees. We have helped many companies thank their key staff and customers at both industry events such as tradeshows and private functions like sales training or 'President's Club' meetings. When the attendance list is known, we can personalize items in advance at our facilities or we can personalize on-site and make it part of the show!


Build Brand and Mindshare

Personalized giveaways are far more likely to be kept and many become cherished mementos that will reinforce your brand for years to come, since everything we personalize also features your brand or messaging. When useful office items are personalized (classy pens, USB drives, letter openers, calendars, etc) they have proven many times to be excellent brand/product reminders. Furthermore, when a customer accepts a gift with their name or face next to your logo, it builds a strong mental buy-in to your brand.


Capture and Track Leads

Event attendees are happy to yield their lead information for something of value, and personalization always raises the perceived value more than enough. When we put their name or face on a giveaway, prospects expect to be asked for their business card or to have their badge scanned 'to get the spelling correct'. Since it's such a natural time to capture lead information, our STaR (Superior Tracking and Reporting) Lead System has proven very popular and successful. With photo promotions, pictures of customers can also be added to your sales database to aid sales reps' memory and enable recognition gifts at a later date.


Create Valuable Customer Face Time

Even though our on-site personalization services are all fast and efficient, there are a few seconds, while your customers are waiting for their gift, for your sales person to engage them, or for qualifying answers to be entered into our STaR Lead System. For higher value gifts that take a little longer to personalize, we can deliver them to the sales rep to give them a great reason to be seen on his or her next visit.


Stretch Your Marketing Budget

With personalization, the perceived value of a giveaway rises higher than the cost of personalization. To build traffic, loyalty and brand, it's better to put your customer or employee's name or face on a gift than to spend a lot more on it.