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ar⋅dent - adjective

1. passionate, fervent: an ardent love

2. strong enthusiasm: ardent revolutionaries

3. burning, fiery: an ardent conflagration


im⋅pres⋅sion - noun

1. effect or feeling retained after an experience: she made a good impression

2. indentation left on a surface by pressure: the stamp left a clear impression

At Ardent Impressions® Inc we are passionate about helping your business activities make the strongest impact. Our mission is to excel at building traffic, loyalty, brand and revenue for our corporate clients through onsite personalization and related marketing services.

The company was started in 1972, incorporated in 1977 and has also done business under the names West Coast Promotions and InstaFotos. Though headquartered in San Carlos, California, near San Francisco airport, over the past few years we have executed projects in 12 countries and 20 US states. Our repeat clients include a couple dozen Fortune 500 corporations. Our top four executives each average over 20 years of marketing and event experience and we are known for fielding the most professional staff in the industry.

Our vision is multifaceted:

- To be the #1 provider of on-site corporate personalization services in America

- To have a great reputation and 100% referenceable customers

- To be an enjoyable and desirable company to work for

- To be a good corporate citizen and environmentally friendly.


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